Brief History of MCCSA

1976:  A “Study Group” was formed by several people who had heard of UFMCC and were interested in establishing such a church in San Antonio:  worship meetings were first held in private homes and then at Penny’s Pub (a local gay bar).  Alvis Strickland of MCC Dallas was appointed by the MCC District Committee to come to San Antonio every other weekend to conduct services.  (Note:  Desmer Benson, is the only member of the founding group who is still an active member of MCCSA).

1977:   The Study Group was approved for affiliation with UFMCC and Rev. David Pellitier, who had befriended the group, arranged for them to hold services in the local Unitarian Church.  Rev. Judy Davenport became the worship coordinator.

1978:  Rev. James Lewey became worship coordinator, and mission status for the San Antonio group was approved by MCC District Leaders.

1979:  MCCSA was incorporated with a membership of 27 people and received full church status.  Rev. Lewey was elected first pastor of MCCSA and served that capacity for 16 years.

1980:  MCCSA purchased its first building at 107 S. Pine St. in San Antonio.

1984:  MCCSA bought its second building at 1136 W. Woodlawn Ave. in San Antonio, and met temporarily in a building on Rittiman Rd while the Woodlawn church was being renovated.

1985:  MCCSA moved into the Woodlawn Ave. church.

1995:  Rev. Marilyn Marr was appointed Interim pastor of MCCSA.

1996:  MCCSA bought and moved to its current location at 611 E. Myrtle St. in San Antonio.  The purchase was made possible by a bequest from the estate of Jerry Kaufmann, a member of the church.  Kaufmann Hall, the church Social Hall, is named after him.

1997:  Rev. John Nicholas was installed and served as pastor until October 2005.

Jan 2006:  Pastor Kevin Downer was appointed as Interim Pastor of MCCSA.

Dec 2006:  Reverend Mick Hinson was elected as the pastor of MCCSA.

January 2016:  Reverend Mick Hinson retired to pursue Professional Chaplaincy.

December 2016:  Pastor Tony Spears appointed as Interim Pastor.

Easter 2017:  Rev. Dr. William H. Knight begins serving as Provisional Pastor


Brief Timeline of Metropolitan Community Church of San Antonio

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